Finally Seeing One of the Shoegaze Legends – Ride

Live Show.March 1, 2018
Ride on Stage

I guess this is one of the greatest shows that I have ever watched. Who knows the shoegaze legend would come here again after only 2 years at clockenflap. In fact, I came across to this band maybe just a year ago. But the overwhelming wall of sound with abrupt drumming dragged me to it.

Seeing them playing some damn good classics like dreams burn down, vapour trail and like a day dream is a good memory to me and to those who are original fans. I feel like I am part of their history, Like I have been supporting them for twenty years since 90s. It definitely connects everything.

Ride in B&W

I am standing at second row , constantly chanting lyrics. But that girl at the front showed otherwise. It was understandable to ignore David Boring’s performance ‘cause they were unorthodox in music making. People who don’t have experience in noise rock acts such as Sonic Youth may find them hard to enjoy. But how come she still covered her ears when Ride strums beautiful wall of sound. What’s the point of standing at the front when you cover your ears and look at your phone.

Luckily, I could finally taste the bass and treble when they drops Leave that all behind. That girl thoughts the show had been over and left. Haha!

2 hour show is gone so fast. Yet the show will live inside my heart and remind me to keep playing shoegaze.


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