Share Some Old Demos of Mine

Personal´╝ÄSeptember 17, 2018
Me playing acoustic guitar.

This little compilation “Before Voyage In Solitude” features 3 old demos. I would consider them as prequel to Voyage In Solitude.

When I clean up the hard drive on my MacBook Pro, I dug up some good old demos. It really reminds me of the old college days, where I can live without fuss, without burden. I recorded these them when I was a college student. It’s primitive, unpolished and raw but it did mean a lot to me. You could say these songs summarise my college life in a moody, emotional way.

In this era, I think no one is optimistic about the future. After the graduation, I can still live in a decent life but it’s not the same anyone. The life is filled with uncertainty, mundane and frustration. And that’s why I came up with the band name Voyage In Solitude. It’s a lonely journey but I still want to find and follow the light in this troubled world.