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Releases | 2020/06/22

New Album “Through The Mist With Courage And Sorrow” Released

First full length album “Through The Mist With Courage And Sorrow” has been released It&[...]


News | 2020/05/05

Some Demo For Upcoming Album

I’m delighted to share some demos for the upcoming album. The new album will be available on t[...]


News | 2019/12/30

First LP Album Planned in 2020!

I’ve planned to release my first LP in Summer in 2020. I hope I can make it on time. Here...[...]


Releases | 2019/04/28

Split “Sounds Of Melancholy” Available Now

The split under the name”Sounds Of Melancholy” with Crescent Days, Falaise, An Ocean of [...]


Releases | 2019/04/15

Release Unheard Compositions: Sketch 2018

I’ve released an album called “Sketch 2018” in bandcamp. These were composed in an[...]


Releases | 2019/02/16

Last Train From The Hill EP CD Available Now

“The feel of the album is both hope and despair and both colourful and grey, just like human b[...]


Releases | 2019/01/23

Solitarion EP Release!

After iterations of mixing and mastering, my side project Solitarion has released its first EP calle[...]


Personal | 2019/01/01

Happy New Year 2019

Started writing songs in 2017 and released my debut EP in 2018. Even the production was not perfect [...]


News | 2018/10/06

Encouraging Words From Divide And Conquer Music Blog

I’m very honoured to get reviewed by Divide And Conquer Music. It’s definitely a very fi[...]


Personal | 2018/09/21

Working on New Songs. Hope it’s going to be great!

While I just released my debut EP about two months ago, I have been coming up with new song ideas...[...]


News | 2018/08/21

My EP Just Got Its First Review!

Łabandzi Śpiew from Poland has written a review of my debut EP – Last Train From The Hill. A b[...]