Personal.October 6, 2018

Encouraging Words From Divide And Conquer Music Blog

I’m very honoured to get reviewed by Divide And Conquer Music. It’s definitely a very first milestone to me to...

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Personal.September 25, 2018

Mid-autumn Festival Night with My Old Friends

Time flies. Time really flies. It has been 5 years since graduated from my secondary school. Lots of difficult decisions...

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Personal.September 21, 2018

Working on New Songs. Hope it’s going to be great!

While I just released my debut EP about two months ago, I have been coming up with new song ideas...

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Personal.September 17, 2018

Share Some Old Demos of Mine

This little compilation “Before Voyage In Solitude” features 3 old demos. I would consider them as prequel to Voyage In...

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Personal.August 21, 2018

My EP Just Got Its First Review!

Łabandzi Śpiew from Poland has written a review of my debut EP – Last Train From The Hill. A big...

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Live Show.March 1, 2018

Finally Seeing One of the Shoegaze Legends – Ride

I guess this is one of the greatest shows that I have ever watched. Who knows the shoegaze legend would...

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Live Show.April 20, 2017

My First Time to See Alcest

It’s great to see them in live show. The sound is perfect and the setlist is under my expectation. It...

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