Releases.June 22, 2020

New Album “Through The Mist With Courage And Sorrow” Released

First full length album “Through The Mist With Courage And Sorrow” has been released It’s two years since my first...

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News.May 5, 2020

Some Demo For Upcoming Album

I’m delighted to share some demos for the upcoming album. The new album will be available on this year. Voyage...

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News.December 30, 2019

First LP Album Planned in 2020!

I’ve planned to release my first LP in Summer in 2020. I hope I can make it on time. Here...

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Releases.April 28, 2019

Split “Sounds Of Melancholy” Available Now

The split under the name”Sounds Of Melancholy” with Crescent Days, Falaise, An Ocean of Light and Sadness is available now online on bandcamp. Sounds Of...

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Releases.April 15, 2019

Release Unheard Compositions: Sketch 2018

I’ve released an album called “Sketch 2018” in bandcamp. These were composed in and before 2018 and they didn’t make...

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Releases.February 16, 2019

Last Train From The Hill EP CD Available Now

“The feel of the album is both hope and despair and both colourful and grey, just like human beings. Although...

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Releases.January 23, 2019

Solitarion EP Release!

After iterations of mixing and mastering, my side project Solitarion has released its first EP called Another Time is Wasted!...

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Personal.January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Started writing songs in 2017 and released my debut EP in 2018. Even the production was not perfect and in...

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News.October 6, 2018

Encouraging Words From Divide And Conquer Music Blog

I’m very honoured to get reviewed by Divide And Conquer Music. It’s definitely a very first milestone to me to...

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Personal.September 21, 2018

Working on New Songs. Hope it’s going to be great!

While I just released my debut EP about two months ago, I have been coming up with new song ideas...

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News.August 21, 2018

My EP Just Got Its First Review!

Łabandzi Śpiew from Poland has written a review of my debut EP – Last Train From The Hill. A big...

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